Welcome to Lighthouse

Lighthouse at Sheringham Point invites you to experience the glory of the West Coast, where life moves at a rejuvenating pace. A morning walk along a sand and pebble beach, a relaxed lunch on the deck, windsurfing in the afternoon—a lifestyle to match the easy ebb and flow of the ocean.

The journey to Lighthouse is a delight along scenic roads, past magical places like Whiffen Spit, Tugwell Creek, Otter Point and Gordon’s Beach.  Majestic views greet residents upon arrival, looking out across the vast blue Straight of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Mountains in the distance. The properties are home to 150-foot high giant firs and beautiful cedars Bald eagles perch in the treetops and bright red Indian Paintbrush covers the forest floor. It is a place of supernatural beauty where land, sea and sky converge.

The 100 year old, red and white lighthouse stands on the point welcoming seafarers and beckoning those who are looking for a change from city life. If you are ready to let time slow down and explore new frontiers, Lighthouse at Sheringham Point is the place to start.

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